Animal Healing & Communication Services

I currently offer Animal Healing and Communication sessions, Face-to-face, remotely and via photographs readings. All sessions work in the same way, in that I connect in with your animals energy in the same way. If you have any questions about which method would work best for you and your animal please contact me to discuss.

Face to face Sessions

Face-to-face sessions are conducted in your own home or at your yard. These sessions are available to clients within a a one hours radius drive of my home (Blackwell, Alfreton, Derbyshire). The first 20 miles of travel is included in the sessions price, a discretionary mileage charge may be added for distance outside of area. A face-to-face session usually lasts for one hour and is for one animal only. You are welcome to make multiple bookings for the same household or yard. The fee for this session is £75 per animal

Joint animal and owner sessions can also be purchased for £100. In a joint session , your animal will have a healing and communication session first and then you will have a shorter healing session. Joint sessions are great for horses and riders who compete together, or to help you bond and understand each other a little better.

To book please email Please note that payment is required at the end of the session in cash or via bank transfer.

Remote Sessions

These sessions can be carried out via video messenger, WhatsApp, skype or Zoom at a mutually convenient time. They are perfect for busy people, or for those who are a long distance away and not able to see me face-to-face. They can also be beneficial for scared or very nervous animals, who don’t like strangers in their home. These sessions also last about an hour. The fee for this session is £75

To purchase a remote session for your animal please click the button below. Once purchased. please email to arrange your session time.

Photograph Reading

A photograph reading can be carried out for animals who are living or deceased. If you would like a photograph reading, please email me to arrange a time for your reading to take place, as well as a couple of photos of your animal (head shot and full body shot tend to be best) , in addition please include your animals name, gender, if they are living or deceased and any questions you may wish to ask you animal. Of course, you don’t have to ask any questions, you can just have a general reading, where they communicate what they wish too. These sessions usually take about an hour and at the end of the session, I will type up what your animal has communicated and email it over to you. The fee for photograph readings is £75

Please note that I do not find missing animals.