About Me

Hello, I’m Sarah Edwards-keeling and I am a Professional Animal Healer & Communicator. I help people like you to help your animals, by giving your animals a voice. I started my business Spiritheart Holistic Animal Therapy in March 2016, a year after I was made redundant from my job as a Public Health Nutritionist in the NHS.

As a child I loved animals, probably more than I liked people. I seemed to understand them effortlessly. I can always remember feeling an overwhelming responsibility towards helping animals. When I was little my dad didn’t like having the cats in the house and he believed that they should live outdoors. I disagreed and set to making them dens in he garden for them to live in so that they would be safe.

My dream as I was growing up was to become a Chinese speaking, purple haired vet (what can I say, I had a very specific goal!). Although I laugh about it now, I can certainly see where 5 year old Sarah was coming from, as a child the only person I knew who helped animals was a vet and I didn’t yet know that the healing system I would learn as an adult was called Reiki (which is an ancient Japanese healing modality, but as a child I didn’t really know the difference between Chinese and Japanese), and finally the purple hair! Well again five year old me didn’t know that the crown chakra on the top of my head was represented by the colour purple, so I believe my younger self knew exactly what I wanted to be, I just wasn’t aware at the time that an Animal Healer & Communicator was an actual thing.

I started studying Reiki in October 2008 and by 2009 I was a Reiki Practitioner. After major changes in my personal circumstance in 2010 I started to rethink my life and what I really wanted to do moving forward and this led me to Animal Reiki. The animal communication has always come naturally to me, its not something I have had any formal training in. For me it a gift which I have developed and nurtured over the years.

Since starting my journey as an Animal Healer and Communicator, I have had the pleasure of working with so many animals and their owners, from all corners of the world. I am incredibly passionate about giving animals a voice and doing everything I can to both help improve the relationships between animals ands their owners.

Although most of my clients tend to be dogs and horses, I am more than happy to provide a voice for any animal in need. I have always had an deep affinity with dogs and horses since I was a child.

I actually got my first dog in November 2007, a Flatcoated Retriever called Maddy and it was her that guided me back to my dream of working with animals. She was defiantly my canine soulmate and if she had not come into my life. I don’t think I would have found my way back to my childhood dream. She certainly taught me a lot of lessons along the way.

In addition to working with animals as an animal healer and communicator, I also teach people how to heal and communicate with their own animals through a range of courses that I deliver from my home in Derbyshire. I also provide comprehensive training and support to those who wish to learn how to become professional animal healers and communicators themselves. In March 2020, I released my first book ” Building a Successful Business as a UK Animal Healer” on Amazon, to help others to achieve their dreams of helping animals too.

If you would like to work with me, please contact Sarah@spirit-heart.co.uk

Warmest wishes